Dr Lynch Grave Secrets

Dr Lynch Grave Secrets 3.0

Play a notorious skeptic at Dr. Lynch Grave secrets
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Play Doctor Ignatius Lynch, a notorious skeptic from England. Solve a mystery at an archaeological excavation in Brombury England, where a female ghost has been seen. You are tired of all the lies that you read in the news and you decide to go and unmask this lie.
You will first visit the excavation area in search for clues which will eventually lead you to every corner in the town. As you change stages be sure to pick up every item you have written on your list and figure out how to use them in order to get more clues and free more stages.
Be sure to separate what you get in your inventory, card clues and item clues.
It is strongly recommended to use hints in order to find some objects when you don´t have a clue.
At the excavation zone you will be able to enter Doctor Sandji´s tent or the equipment tent, and be sure to explore all the exterior area as well.
You can also find optional items that will raise your score and will help you clearing the stages faster.
Enjoy this great hidden objects game.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Challenges your mind and observation skills


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